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How big is the photobooth? Is it portable?
The photobooth measures (Height:180cm) x (Width:55cm) x (Depth:40cm). Yes our photobooth is portable and is easily wheeled to your location.

How many people can we fit in the photobooth?
The photobooth can comfortably seat 2- 4 people in a frame.

How does the booth works?
Our photobooth provides a 'Booth Crew'. The photobooth is a touch screen and user-friendly to use. It takes a series of 3/4 photos and at the end of the process; your pictures will be displayed on the screen. You may select colour/gray as an option. The photos are then printed within less than 12 seconds and collected from the booth.

Do you provide props along with the photobooth?
Yes we do provide props with the photobooth. We also do some custom props as your request with a different price.

When/How do we get the photos?
The photobooth prints the photo immediately. The photo will automatically upload to our Facebook Page by right after printing session. We'll provide a private account for you to download it through our Online Gallery after 1-2 weeks.

Can we print the same photo more than once?
Yes of course. There will be an option before proceed to printing.

Is it possible for us to customize the photo strips design?
Yes it is possible for us to customize your photo strip design. We'll design the layout and monogram as well or you can provide us the logo.

Can we custom the outlook of the photobooth, and how much does it course?
Yes we provide a custom outlook to relate to your event by wrapping your branding/images. Either we design it for you or you can provide us the outlook design. We'll send you a quotation according to custom/branding package.

How far in advance we should book?
To secure the booking, please book our photo booth at least 1 week in advance before the event. If there happens to be another event on the same day, we will reserve the photo booth to the person who makes a full payment first for the photo booth.

What about the payment method?
50% upon booking confirmation another 50% after confirmation of design before the event date. We will email you the payment details once we receive your booking.

How to contact us?
Please fill out the inquiry form (GET A QUOTE) and we will email you back within immediately. For any further inquiries, please email to ask@awephotobooth.com.my